Infinity Flowers arrangements for every style

IF boutique offers any kind of luxury premium floral arrangements using the best quality of preserved flowers so you can decorate your home with flowers that will last years! Whether your home is modern, contemporary or classic, there is always an arrangements that can transform your space interior design.

Rose Arrangements for the Contemporary Home Style

A modern home style includes wood and earthy elements while contemporary design features art materials glass and metals contrasting colors to add warmth to a décor.

Contemporary design often features to black, white and grey tones with the us of clean lines and geometric shapes while colors in modern style have an earthier tone and sticks to shades like olive green, brown, turquoise and rust.

For both styles the esthetics are both minimalist and have an open-space feel

To setup a contemporary living room, always prefer to keep colors simple—. Search for white, black, gray, or beige tones. Contemporary homes normally include elements of metal, wood, and glass. For instance, use a carpet with a simple, geometric shapes over a classic wooden floor. Just keep it natural and earthy.

To decorate your contemporary home with infinity flowers consider a rose arrangement from our Classic Collection most preferably in square shape for your coffee table to add a more subtle aesthetic or consider a mini classic velvet or paper box for your side table. The square shaped box will definitely match with the lines used in a contemporary home  while the roses will give elegance to your décor. When deciding the color of your infinity roses, it would be preferable to consider neutral colors like white, pearl, pastel colors like mint, peach, pink or just simply match the roses with your furniture.

Rose Arrangements for a Luxurious home style

A luxurious home style features details of elegance, attention to details and refined glamour. It consists of crystals, velvet, silk and other luxurious materials and textiles, glass and precious metals.

To add a touch of luxe details in your space it’s preferable to include a luxurious centerpiece on your dining table for instance a vase with our long-stem roses or hydrangeas. Another option will be to choose from our plexi glass collection “EL LUGO” or “LOS MEJORES NUEVE” box and choose gold, champagne or pearl roses that show glamour, luxe and elegance, three elements that show a Luxe home. Choose gold or silver to match your cutlery and tableware. Our arrangements transform any home space feel fresh and brighter, more lavish, and opulent.

Rose Arrangements for the Modern Home Style

The ideal arrangement for a modern style home is our preserved gypsophila decorated in white or clear vase. Also, consider warmer-toned rose arrangement using our classic collection and choose roses such as champagne, orange, peach or mint yellow pearl to keep the room warm with natural tones. You can combine our mini classic paper boxes which are ideal in miniature size thus you can order multiple arrangements to place in every room for a delicately coordinated aesthetic.



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